Playing off of the curious rise in professional playground sports in India like kabaddi, I created the Maidaan Sports Series of T-Shirts for The maidaan is the Hindi term for schoolyard. Each shirt depicts a childhood game as a professional organization.
My personal facorite of the series. Chhupan Chhupai is hide and seek in India. I can just imagine a generation of over-zealous fathers coaching their youngsters in a cut-throat match with the neighborhood rivals. The Federation has sub-groups like Counting Coaches, Seeking Coaches, and Hiding Coaches.
Gilli Danda is a game often played in Indian villages. It's like the Indian version of cup ball in the States.
Kho Kho could be considered extreme tag. It is a bizarre game to watch. Special thanks to the Scribble Artist Photoshop Action Set!
Sitoliya is another village game of stacking stones while trying not to get pegged by the opposing team's ball. This shirt uses a licenced Illustrator template from Lunarts_Studio.
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