Photoshop Daily Challenge
Day 6: Removing Distractions
Original image presented by Terry White.
Cropped, items removed, and adjusted scene of tranquility.
Seven Sisters on the southern shore of England. Original image out of the camera.
A few minor removals (three people and some rocks that look like black spots instead of rocky shore), cropped and adjusted.
Day 5: RAW filters for Adjustments
Original image as shot of footpath in South Downs England
Adjusted image using RAW filters with brush and gradient filters applied.
Image as shot of London Eye
Edited photo using RAW filters only (and a little healing brush to get rid of a plane and a bird, but not superman)
Day 4: Retouching
Original photo shot on 35mm
Retouched image using healing tools and cloning
Day 3: Crop for Recomposition
Agra Fort: Original Image
Agra Fort: Cropped
Taj Mahal as shot with Sony NEX-5n
Taj Mahal: Edited and cropped
Day 2: Black and White
Original photo shot with 35mm in Shichuan Province
Image converted to black and white using Camera Raw filter
Day 1: Lighting
Image as shot. This is stitched together from four individual images captured in portrait orientation.
Image after Photoshop RAW filter applied. This is more like I remember seeing it.
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