Content Creation
Media creation is all about making ideas visible. I55 Media createsjust about anything you can imagine—video, photography, print, digital, film, audio,motion graphics, animation, mobile apps, copywriting, signage, and the listgoes on. If you have an idea, we can help you make it come to life.
Media Strategies
Making content is one thing. In order for your content tohave an effect, it will require strategic delivery. Making use of the latestresearch and practice in e-marketing principles, i55 Media can help you reachyour target audience. We will learn about your business, your products andservices, and most importantly your customers by asking lots of questions. Wewill help you create customer profiles, develop media campaigns, and measureyour results—leading to higher conversion rates and return on investment.
Online Businesses
Just about anyone can make a website. We want to help youcreate an online business. India is connected to the internet at a rapidlyincreasing rate and Indian consumers are more likely to make onlinetransactions today than ever before. I55 Media can help you expand your marketbeyond brick and mortar to reach not only all of India, but also the world. Wecan provide turn-key solutions for customer resource management, workflowautomation, e-mail marketing, and true e-commerce. Check out our development sitefor more information.

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